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But chances are my husband and I will be picking something off of this list to help us celebrate our anniversary this year and hopefully you found some ideas too!Great marriages don’t just HAPPEN because two people are madly in love with one another and everything just flows right all of the time. Now we line up a babysitter, get dolled up, and set out on a date to dinner a movie, but by the time dinner is over..we’re so tired that we can’t imagine sitting through a movie without falling asleep.It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle busy of life that the marriage can be moved to the back burner.And my friends can bring some not so awesome feelings. Just like you make small deposits into your long term savings, you have to do the same with your marriage.

I’m finding the older I get and with each kid, I have gotten progressively more willing to look homeless in public.

After a MUCH needed and Y last minute date night this week, I decided to share with you some of the benefits of dating your spouse. Without the union of mom dad, the family dynamic is shifted and therefore can lead to some negative consequences.

Letting the kids see that each spouse takes time to think of the other, shows them what to strive for in their own marriage later in life.

Dating connects you back to those same first feelings of how why you love your spouse so. Every time you “date your spouse” you are depositing into your marriage bank. As time passes , married coules can fall into the habit of the same daily routines and sometimes those routines don’t create the most excitement. A break in the routine and can fully breathe new life into you your spouse.

Which in turn can create a sensation of feeling much younger, in the best way!

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