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Simultaneously, this year’s update adds compelling new features related to cycle tracking and hearing health that may hint at an evolving vision for the Health app’s future.

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Dead Cells by Motion Twin landed on mobile for the first time today with its release on i OS.

Apple is said to be working on a 16” Mac Book Pro, new water-resistant, noise-cancelling Air Pods, and a new Home Pod, but it’s likely if those products materialize at least some won’t be shipped until later this year or 2020.

In addition to hardware, Apple is expected to announce release dates for updates to its operating systems, including i OS 13, i Pad OS, mac OS Catalina, and watch OS 6.

Dead Cells, which debuted in 2017 and is also available for consoles and PC, is not an easy game.

You play as a warrior raised from the dead, battling your way through dungeon mazes.

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