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The company is 100% solely owned by Jon Lunardi, a well-known Washington DC area ed Tech entrepreneur.

You can learn more about Jon Lunardi by reading below or visiting his Linked In profile.

Campus Market had 15 paying advertisers and expanded to 3 other colleges.

Jonathon remained a student at OU, studying math, computers, and business. Dennis Aebersold, to work full time on the IT staff as the director of the Sooner Information Network aka SIN.

Alumni Match is a social networking app enabling better relationships to be built between people within their college alumni networks around the world.

Users can develop friendships, career partners, spiritual companionship, romantic dating, and so much more.

Jonathon also began working for Blackboard in the product strategy division.

Jonathon became the President of the Washington DC Sooners (OU) Alumni club from 2005 to 2010.

We also got featured on Forbes, Yahoo Tech and CBS! This literally all started on Reddit, and this is all thanks to you guys. We're also releasing more updates as we speak. You can download the app at or in the Playstore & Appstore.Not only do I not get notifications(so I have to manually check), but I can't remember who these people were or how far away they were when I swiped right. I signed up on your website to get an email notification when the app would be released and suddenly I'm getting a ton of spam about dating, sexy singles, and free pokecoins.The android link on the website is not working, it's not in the app store and I can't log into in akp version because of malefunktion with the data.I need some help getting there.'' Just trying to find my Dragonite in a field of pidgeys and rattatas.'' I'm just here for tips on good pidgey spawns.'' Trainer not just Seaking some Ash, I'm looking for a Nidoqueen to Steelix of my ice cream and be cute with'' Tentacool in the streets; Tentacruel in the sheets.''if you were a Pokemon I'd use my only masterball on you!'how about letting us see the other person's info again after we match?

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