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Once you’re exhausted after a long day of activities, he will lull you to sleep with his beautiful singing voice.Get ready for a whirlwind romance and have your suitcase ready as Taisei is always on the go between traveling to Chicago and Japan for work.About the Author Malena Herrera Malena is an Event Marketing Associate at Kintone, where she enjoys getting people excited about Kintone through the many events they host.You will find her sketching out new ideas for social media copy, drooling over event catering menus, and flipping through Kintone threads where all the event planning lives.Our awesome customer success team has articles to get you started on creating an app from scratch.

But wait, pause your Netflix bingeing for a few minutes and hear me out. Taisei also known as “Theo” amongst his friends and “T” on the soccer field, enjoys talking about all things Kintone product when he’s not slide tackling the competition in soccer.

I can almost guarantee that you haven’t tried Kintone for dating. We are a cloud-based digital workplace for workflow and data management that allows you to build business applications without any code. While he does not have a sweet tooth, he does enjoy a variety of foods, particularly sushi, sashimi, and fish. If he’s not taking you out for food, he might be whisking you off to a Cal game.

He is a UC Berkeley alumni and therefore a huge Cal fan. Taisei will go the distance for you, as he is a cross country star, and he will climb every mountain for his dream girl with his admirable hiking skills.

They are able to provide feedback, ask questions and prepare him for his dates, while also rating their responses from high priority to low priority. While unfortunately, Taisei was not able to find a date in time for Valentine’s Day, he is very satisfied with the dating app system he’s created on Kintone.

We’ve asked him ourselves and he is quite optimistic.

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