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It turns out, however, that lots of celebrities who have gotten less press for their healthy habits are sipping on liquid kale and beet concoctions. In addition to working out with Tracy Anderson, Richie is a fan of Los Angeles’ Pressed Juicery.

We rounded up this list of seven surprising stars who love their veggies cold-pressed. “I am what you can call a juice fanatic,” she told They provide lots of energy when I’m running around.” Do you juice for your health?

I have seen this situation you have quite a few times- sounds like a bit of co-dependency going on, and if you are of co-dependent personality (which I think is the case, but get yourself clinically diagnosed, don't rely on this), then the WORST type of person you can have in your life so as to stagnate it is another co-dependent.

Fat Kid, if I am right about my recollection of your earlier post about tis woman and your situation, you are going to spiral back into the same problems yet again.

And if you need to go away from time to time, boarding is not too expensive really (BYODF - bring your own dog food saves $), or someone you know would help out for sure. Alternatively, get fish or a turtle - not too much maintenance. Don’t get a cat though, especially if you have co-dependent personality - it's a bit feminie too for a single guy!

Ok Fat Kid, time to find another woman and forget this one unless you want to say to using 2 years time "I waited for 4 years...." life is too short and there are plenty on nice women in HK (both foreign and local) to focus your attention on, and who'll treat you 5000% better than the other one HOWEVER!

then i called her up and asked why did she not tell me any earlier. 2 years is a long time to get over someone, have you asked her out just as friends first? The reason I ask about if you trust her, you will know what to do . If she really thought you were the "number one and only" for her, then she'd have been with you years ago.

and she said "coz i knew if I did, u wud wait for me..." then I went "but i waited anyway, right? I think she doesn't really know what she wants, but may be opportunistic and "grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" sort of gal (they exist), and you "may" become Mr Right-now, until Mr Right comes along.

From recall of your previous thread, it appears she is a bit of a user (unintentional, don’t get me wrong) and is probably spoilt - I wouldn’t trust her.

May I ask if this is from a male/female perspective?

Nah, she's a girl I waited for two years coz she wasn't quite over the previous relationship and is held back from starting a new one...

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