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Modern combat, however, is disfiguring important cultural treasures.

Air strikes have levelled medieval mudbrick towers in Sanaa’s old quarter, a medieval mosque and an Ottoman fort.

The bones were found in a hole dug in a cave in the mountain range.

According to the Houthi-aligned Minister of Culture Abdullah Al Kibsi, the remains belong to settlers who resided in the area at the end of the Stone Age.

Aslami said she is expecting more and more malnutrition cases to come through her door.

There is food in Yemen, but severe inflation has eroded people’s ability to buy it, and the non-payment of government worker salaries has left many households without incomes.“It’s a disaster on the edge of famine …

Yemeni society and families are exhausted,” Aslami said.

Almost 100 districts in Yemen have reported at least one diphtheria case with a heavy concentration in the province of Ibb, which reported approximately 50 percent of the total infections across the country.

— Reuters UNTV is a major TV broadcast network with 24-hour programming.

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