Dating with cat allergies dating cool girl

Allergic reactions can be caused by these animals, and less commonly by other animals such as horses.

The American Lung Association points out that about twice as many people report allergies to cats than dogs.

Many pets lick as a sign of affection, which can also provoke an allergic response, especially allergic dermatitis.

Vacuuming often can reduce pet dander, but it isn't likely to completely rid the home of the allergen.

Sometimes the rash will be made of hives, or raised, red patches of skin. Pet dander isn't really a harmful agent to the human body.

Both cats and dogs can shed hair and skin cells wherever they go.Licking is a common practice in animals when they are cleaning themselves.The saliva from the tongue can leave dander on the fur that is shed.It can take several weeks for the allergens to die down in the home.Most allergic individuals must choose to live without pets or take an antihistamine daily.

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