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Then in the late 1930's the Du Barry logo moved to the bottom left hand corner with the price of the pattern above it.

With the 5000 series the logo moved to the upper left hand corner and was written in a script font.

We have vintage Simplicity patterns for all types of fashions including dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, suits, sleepwear, crafts & costumes.

So I know this is a sticky topic because unless you've actually seen the year printed on the pattern you might not trust what others tell you.

It features historical, visual guides with sample images of vintage sewing patterns.

Whether you just want to ogle the fashion illustrations or get your hands dirty and make a new look, it’s worth browsing the well-organized site.

In the early 1930's the logo was a black with white lettering and featured a woman with a wig and three feathers in her hair.

During the mid 1930's the logo became a square box at the middle right hand side.

And with a whole new era of young women going retro, it might be worth giving up vintage shops in favor of creating new pieces based on these vintage patterns.

Update: For clarification, this database is a resource for those interested in fashion design and its history.

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