Dating two woman at the same time

I'm trying my hardest to not be in contact and it is the hardest thing for me to do.I think I'm attached as well because we lost three babies and I hold on to the thought of us having our family that we both wanted so badly.But when we broke up I got over it and now I hardly even think about him and I've moved on to find someone else who I am truly happy with again. Also, I think the fact that you are attracted to someone that could do such hurtful things to you is something you should take some time to reflect on.Maybe you should go see someone adn talk to a therapist about the underlying issues you have that A.) attracted you to this person in the first place and B.) allow you to feel like it is ok what he did to you, or that you somehow deserve it.

I've read so much about this, and it's amazing to me how common this situation is.

It disgusts me what he did, so I must have a problem if I still love him.

That's why I'm writing on here, bc I can't tell if I'm just a fool.

I think that's why we couldn't let go completely, and for the first 6 months we were broken up he did not mislead me regarding our relationship at all.

He said he would not be back in a relationship with me until he was ready, but when he started coming back to me in March, I could feel something else was there and broke things off weekly, which then sent him bk over to her again and again. I know to someone outside of it, I seem pretty naive and pathetic, and maybe yes this may be co-dependent or there may have been emotional abuse, but I can't say I didn't do the same to him is all. I try to picture all the nights we were upset with each other and I was crying over him and he had someone else with him without my knowledge of it.

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