Dating two men who to choose

I was devastated, as he obviously hadn’t wanted to break up because he wanted time to himself. The problem is that I feel he and I are in different parts of our life.

He’s four years older than me but still lives at home and works part time at a bar, whereas I moved out of my parent’s house when I was eighteen and now work full-time.

But if you would find any good man boring, then you need to examine why you are only attracted to bad boys.

He had lied to my face about having no interest in her for months.While I adore him and have a great time with him, I feel like our passion can never be the same as the passion I feel for my ex.The new guy is a very safe bet, he’ll never hurt me and we have a lot in common.I tried casually seeing them both for a while and that obviously didn’t work out.I constantly felt like I was cheating on one or the other.

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