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Researchers have focused less on deal-breakers, but recent work by Jonason, Garcia, Webster, Li, & Fisher (2015) is starting to change that.

Specifically, the authors conducted six different studies aimed at assessing whether people did, in fact, claim they had deal-breakers.

They don’t really know any better and props for them for trying to put in effort in trying to look all cool and impressive but truth be told about almost everything they try to hit us with is just a complete turn off and all it’s gonna do is send us running for the hills.

There can actually be a thing of trying too hard and unfortunately, 98% of the male population in this world is guilty of this crime.

" But after I've grieved the relationship and restored my self-esteem, I'm more likely to see positive traits in all people (not just potential partners).

In some ways, these seem to be 2 sides of the same coin but a shift in perspective.

Finally, the research revealed that people seem more sensitive to the presence of deal-breakers than deal-makers.Rather than saying, "I'll never date a self-absorbed person again!The amount of things guys think are attractive to us girls which in reality isn’t is quite astonishing.Compatibility has to do with the Astrological chart. How about "people" - enough with the gender divide. This article is so incomplete that I could have written it. That is something one thinks about before and during work on the self (not saying 'after,' because we should never stop working on self-improvement).Sure, things like health, appearence, and hygiene issues are automatic deal breakers, but beyond that, Astrology-Western and Oriential-tells about compatibility. One does not look at dating profiles, for example, to find out what s/he wants in her/himself, but to look for potential dates. geez, guys, tone down the criticism toward the author, OK?

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