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Some days, it might seem as if your 13-year-old is eating you out of house and home.

Although this constant eating might worry you, it's normal.

It amazes me that even as the world seems to be progressing and we're now openly embracing many life choices, most of us still aren't comfortable with age differences in relationships.

And, although we've been together for more than a year and a half, live together, and are planning a future with one another, individuals still find it difficult to understand why we have chosen each other.I have learned a few things to help me get by, and to remind me that our love is worth fighting for:1.I remind myself that no one can predict the future.To promote healthy growth and development and to prevent excessive weight gain, stock your kitchen with the right foods.Consult your pediatrician if you're concerned about your teen's eating habits or weight. Good sources for your 13-year-old include avocados, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils such as olive and canola.

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