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You don’t need to wait for several dates until both of you are dating exclusively to make the girl feel like a princess.Take care of her and make her feel like she can depend on you for anything when you’re around.[Read: 18 subtle signs to find out if the girl likes you on your first date] Two first date tips that really matter First impressions matter a lot in real life.And just like that, a first date plays a big part in charming a girl and making a good impression if you’re trying to woo her.Each time you go close to her to say something, she’d get a hint of your manly fragrance.And as long as it smells great on you, it’ll surely make a good impression on her too.Remember, you are responsible for making a first impression. Sheldon holds a master's degree in counseling psychology from Pace University.

To know more about this idea, read Top 50 first date ideas and combinations to wow the girl on your first date! An important first date tip that most guys forget is this one.Don’t leave your date in the dark while planning your evening with her.Tell her about what you have in mind, so she can be prepared for the occasion.You don't want your first date to be your last with a new man.So how do you make him attracted to you so he wants to see more?

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