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How many of you saw that one chick doing the 'humpty' a few times? We do things like that behind closed doors for our horny, significant other and NOT for a crowd of millions of other, clueless dorks, yea? The person whom I think stole the show, too, was IU's Kim Pil sook and her is he or isn't he relationship with Woo young's Jason."I've never been kissed, dreamin' of my one, true love sittin' under the apple tree, wearing all white with a flower in my hair! Realistic, heartwarming, affectionate, true, and believable start to finish - and that was ONE TIME where I could appreciate all the heartsy-flowery-sugary goodness, too.After dancing till they couldn’t feel their legs, the group praised together, “I really admire Jolin Tsai and Elva Hsiao.”The album is now available for preorder at Yes Asia!Translated by: [email protected] Date: 31/03/08Raymond Lam seemed very bored while waiting to film Raymond Lam was rushing to finish filming is new series.I wonder if the ajummas were totally bummed to see 'what's his name' disappear so early on in this 16-episode story?just curious, cause, even if I'm not one of his fans, and I still can't figure out what the big deal is (other than his slammin' bod) ...happy feet 1 Or, at least, were part of the American intelligence agency, until an ugly failed mission.

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She's got this kinda-sorta friend who sticks to her like gum on the bottom of a shoe, ditto's her every word, and copies her persona until the day of the audition to attend 'whoo-hoo' Kirin arrives, and then the fangs, claws, and horns appear (natch).The group will also soon be pushing out their third MV for their dance track, “I’m Your Dreamgirl”.For their second single, the group has been practicing their dance hard; they even practiced eight days straight, dancing ten hours a day.He seemed very bored and rested his chin on his hand while trying to talk to the filming crew.He seemed very “生猛番晒 (sang mang faan sai)” and was even using hand gestures to communicate with them.

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    Ring of Honor aren’t being as strict with their talent, who they’re allowing to appear on GFW live events but not TV tapings, as is the case with Moose.

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