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The site was launched in July 2012, and the idea for the translation occurred to the creators when they realized that 42% of singles on the site were interested in a Spanish version.

To access the Spanish version of the dating site, Latin singles can select a Spanish language option from a drop down menu upon visiting Christiano

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Here are just a few numbers: ENGLISH-SPANISH TRANSLATION SOFTWARE We also offer you our prize-winning English-Spanish Translators We offer you several types of English-Spanish Translators, the best of which combine Automatic, context-sensitive translation plus Interactive, User-guided translation.

Producido por Indigo Film de Nicola Giuliano y Francesca Cima (que no por casualidad son los artfices del exitoso experimento de Andrea Molaioli), el film esta interpretado por Filippo Timi y Ksenia Rappoport, que por este papel se adjudico la Coppa Volpi.

The Committee of the Regions recognises the need to build extensive learner and individual support dating of equipment and speed of data transmission (sufficient bandwidth).

What is surprising is that this site was only available in English until this week.

Luckily, Cristiano underwent a Spanish translation so that Spanish-speaking singles can also access it.

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