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Tuck, a local mechanic who had recently lost his wife, allows Dawson to live with him and eventually considers him a son of his own.

Dawson and Amanda attended the same high school and began dating, soon falling in love.

Sites that list the words to songs are typically referred to as "lyrics sites" or "lyrics websites".

Some examples of websites like these are: "Lyrics" , "AZ Lyrics" , "Metro Lyrics" , "Song Lyrics" and "Lyrics Freak".

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When Amanda goes home, Dawson remains at Tuck's to restore the garden.However, they scuffle, and Dawson's cousin, an expectant teen father, is accidentally killed.In exchange for a lighter sentence, Dawson testifies against his father and brothers.Naturally Lyrics A Year Without Rain Lyrics Who Says Lyrics HOT Tell Me Something I Don't Know Lyrics Fly To Your Heart Lyrics New Classic Lyrics Love You Like A Love Song Lyrics Cruella De Vil Lyrics Round And Round Lyrics…Across The Universe lyrics Act Naturally Lyrics A Day In The Life Lyrics A Hard Days Night Lyrics A taste of honey lyrics The Beatles Abbey Road All I've gotta do lyrics All my loving lyrics And I Love Her…

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