Dating song disaster movie

"A guy took me to Nandos one night and he insisted on paying for it. I thought I'd get laid..." Less than a tenners worth of chicken? ""I went on a date with a theatre student to a restaurant, who was clearly pretty impressed with himself.

Then, when we got to his, car he asked me for, in his words, "a little treat", which I declined to do. He ended the evening of conversational masturbation by serenading me and the entire restaurant with a song from Legally Blonde, The Musical.

Not cool.""My guy invited me to his uni house for what I hoped was a kinky night in, as he asked me to bring a Frenchmaid's costume I wore for Halloween.

Nicely structured episode, with a fun Janice thread. " title="137.

) guy in my class so, after a running monologue, I asked him what his favourite animal was.

After a long pause, he replied 'I'm interested in some corals and sponges.' Erm, what am I supposed to reply to that?!

turns out, I was now single, very horny and up for anything. I got there and, to my surprise, was presented with a plate of marmite toast fingers.

I don't like marmite and, after being promised a gourmet feast, was starving.

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