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I've been told this command only works on i Phone 4s and below.

I'd try a phone power cycle..button and power button.

The Skip button just closes the form allowing the TS to continue with no data collected.I use this feature to append the email address suffix onto the cell number and send the email to that cell phone’s SMS email address, so it comes in as a text.Value("TSUser Cell Provider") if ($User Cell Provider -eq 'All Tel') elseif ($User Cell Provider -eq 'ATT') elseif ($User Cell Provider -eq 'Sprint') elseif ($User Cell Provider -eq 'TMobile') elseif ($User Cell Provider -eq 'Verizon') elseif ($User Cell Provider -eq 'Virgin') elseif ($User Cell Provider -eq 'Republic') elseif ($User Cell Provider -eq 'Cellular') #Email & Phone Numbers go Here $to = $User Email $cc = "$User Cell$User Cell Provider" #Customize this Part for your Subject & Body.$subject = "TS Notification: Upgrade Complete" $body = "Your Upgrade on $env:computername Has Been Completed, you can now log back into the PC" $message = New-Object System.If your carrier isn’t listed, you can probably look it up on their website.

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