Dating site for men in prison

Have patience, be careful and don’t give out personal information! Are you intentionally looking for a relationship without commitments??

You will spend holidays and special occasions without your husband and that’s sad.

How will you cope when you have someone but your mate is locked up?

She selected Ben’s profile from Prison Pen because he stated explicitly that he was only looking for friendship.At some point, you will need to share your thoughts or get answers to what he is going through even. If so, talk with them to discuss their issues, especially if there are children involved. Are you looking for love or someone to help you prosper in life?You know it’s going to be extra hard for him to get a job? How does your family feel about you dating a man in prison?The inmates may not be all bad, as we know a lot of Black men are in jail or prison for no reason or little reason at all.Most are good men, fun, passionate, intelligent and you know, ripped!

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