Dating single parents saint louis

This lack of love, companionship, and sex is completely unhealthy for a human and I believe I am already beginning to suffer from the physiological effects.

Despite the fact that I have a very stable job here, I am leaving because I cannot find a woman here no matter how hard I try.Therefore, for my health I am moving away from this city.I encourage all single men considering a move to St Louis to strongly reconsider. I've already made up my mind to leave this place, so trying to convince me to stay because I MIGHT meet a woman here eventually is pointless when if I go to West Texas, I WILL meet a woman.We both have co-worker friends - but none to really hangout with outside of work, but part of that is that neither of us is overly social and outgoing.We also live close to Forest Park and my husband comments all the time that there aren't that many attractive women here (and i protest because i see pretty women at my work all the time)- but the men at the park are always handsome and athletic; so it seems it's a better place for a single woman to live.

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