Dating show set in alaska

Is there so much "peak TV" now on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc.

that people aren't willing to sit through the insurance commercials of basic cable to see how much gold a person can find?

And with the film producers and cameramen come more and more ridiculous reality programs.

That’s how we ended up with ridiculous fodder like Alaskan Women Looking for Love.

It’s also how more than 20 reality shows are currently filming in a state that is home to only 735,000 people.

Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, you could not turn on your TV without seeing a new set of Alaskans frantically killing things in preparation for winter while being followed by cameras.

According to Discovery, which is the network that distributes this show, the family is of interest because they are not like any other family in the country, due to how far removed they are from civilization.

If this is a show you watch regularly, you know how easy it is to get caught up in the real-life drama that can occur.

Beyond the tax credit, it makes sense that the general population in the United States would be interested in Alaskan jobs and Alaskan people.

After all, Alaska isn’t a place the average Joe gets to spend a lot of time in.

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