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If the provider is unwilling to resolve the complaint, they should send you a deadlock letter referring you to us.If not, you can still escalate the complaint to us if it's unresolved after 8 weeks (6 weeks for energy complaints about SSE).02174052) and Saga Shipping is a trading name of Saga Cruises Limited (registration no. ST&H Limited is a subsidiary of ST&H Group Limited (registration no.00720588) and Saga Cruises Limited is a subsidiary of ST&H Limited.That said, it’s one that can be mastered - especially with a professional US dating site like Elite Singles on hand to help.We even have a streamlined dating app, here to let busy singles rediscover the time to find love.If not, it's always good to chase to check that the provider is still dealing with the complaint.Send a follow up email or letter and keep a record.

We also use it to contact you and personalise our communication.

We will contact you by post, telephone, email or other means to tell you about offers, products and services that we think may be of interest to you based on what you have told us or as a result of previous dealings with us.

If you wish to opt out of receiving such information, revise the products you would like to hear about or change the method we use to communicate with you, you can do so at any time by calling us on 08 or via My Saga.

They understand the importance of balancing life and love.

They're smart enough to find dating sites that work for them.

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