Dating scene in san antonio

But, I’ve also had conversations there about phenomenological philosophy, tropical ecology, and libertarian politics. I wouldn’t describe San Antonio’s dating scene as a “desert.” But, it takes some shifting and some flexibility.

(I never had much luck finding vegetarian academics who love punk rock, but they’re a rare breed anywhere.) Given my interests in indie music and the arts, it hasn’t been hard to meet people.

) If you’re an old school humanist of the Studs Terkel variety, you can be very happy here.

If you’re looking for New Yorker cocktail parties and limousine liberalism, however, you’ll probably be disappointed. I like that, because it makes me feel like I’m living in the world rather than some shiny happy enclave where everyone looks, talks, and thinks just like me. And you have to side with the quirky, the out of the way, and the underdog.

I let my dog play with some new pals as I introduced my Austin girlfriend to old students and old friends. Even though a lot of things in the city center are heading in the right direction, plenty still irks me.

(By the way, she’s a hip, hyper-educated, successful lady, and she, too, loves San Antonio.) It was a warm night, people were sipping margaritas, and the river beautifully reflected the lights. I’d put unhealthy lifestyles and troubling higher education figures at the top of the list.

I’m a Chicago native, and I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Boston, and Quito, Ecuador. But, I don’t mind the gritty, dilapidated feel, which is characteristic of much of San Antonio.And with all of the ongoing changes—the growth of Rackspace and the emergence of other new companies not the least among them—San Antonio’s net will become wider and wider.I might be an optimist, but I also think I’m right.Like most of my friends in San Antonio, I enjoyed reading and debating Callie Enlow’s piece in the Rivard Report. I prefer it to Southtown, as it feels a bit edgier. ) I bought a beautiful 1927 arts and crafts bungalow for the price of a Chicago woodshed.I’ve met Callie, and I know many of the people whose stories she shared. Some of my favorite restaurants and watering holes are just blocks away, and Pearl Brewery is a 10-minute walk down the street.

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