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While this is not always the case, it is a high probability.

Next you have a standard American guy who is just seeking a girlfriend or partner regardless of their nationality.

Additionally, American men have a completely different way of set of values and beliefs due to cultural environments in which they are raised.

Generally, American men are more loving, caring and kind than Russian men.

These men typically use wealth as the main strategy to land a Russia girlfriend or wife.

These men may not be rich by American standards but if you are middle class in America you will be seen as rich in the eyes of a Russian.

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This is a traditional dating model where boy meets girl and they fall in love and there is no ulterior motives.

Once you choose a country or countries to visit you have taken the first step in what could become the greatest adventure of your life.

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and all of the other former countries of the Soviet Union hold many surprises and treasures for those who take the journey.

In my experience Russian women have proven themselves to be humble, sweet and polite.

That being said the really question is what do Russian women think of American men?

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