Dating restaurants london

The best romantic restaurants in London aren’t really restaurants that try to be romantic. They’re the dimly-lit, intimate places that successfully combine great lighting, good music and a buzzy ambience: the sorts of places that get you excited as soon as you walk through the door. So by “best romantic restaurants in London ” we really mean “ If the Great Jay Gatsby owned a restaurant and thrust into it all his elegance, panache and charm, it would pale in comparison to Bob Bob Ricard. READ MORE Details: It’s a front-row seat to see some of London’s most talented chefs at work.

READ MORE Details: Fischer’s is romantic in that old-school, Viennese grand café way; with intimate banquettes, wood-panelled walls, and a big clock.but London Shell Co add understated flower arrangements, candlelight, cocktails, and a gentle cruise along London’s canal system just for good measure.READ MORE Details: Blanchette East have the whole bohemian dining room thing down pat – sleek marble tables and rustic wooden furniture; candlelight in every corner; and a menu of seasonal, Provençal dishes that are just asking to be shared.Bookings are frustratingly hard to get, and yet the total lack of pretentiousness; the quality of the service; and the sheer deliciousness of the modern, Jerusalem-inspired food keeps you determinedly coming back.And any and every date is likely to want to come back with you.

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