Dating raleigh bikes

I'd be amazed and impressed in a worried sort of way if anyone could ID it from a (possibly incorrect) frame number, might help if you posted a pic, there are people round here who could probably identify it from that. I was meaning more that someone might be able to shed some light on what I might have got wrong in the serial number.I'm pretty sure it's an 80s but the guide here says all 80s bikes begin with a W as the serial. beginning with a G only has 4 numbers after so it's not a G.Thank You I'M OVER 21I agree to the terms and conditions Leave website.

If folks are overtaking you on that then it is not because of the bike Might be worth having a poke around here: ...

If new information is found, these charts will be duly updated to reflect such.

Some serial systems from one era may resemble that of an earlier or later era.

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