Dating places in riyadh

But the best part of the trip is at the end where they are giving away lots of freebies.

The trip is free, but you have to contact the company first and book in advance.

Despite the strict rules and the conservative nature, Riyadh is a place that you will surely love.

It has lots of things and places for both expats and locals to enjoy.

Be amazed on how they pamper these female cows to get the best quality milk.

But be sure to check the schedules first, as there is a separate visiting schedule for men and families. This is the best place to buy souvenirs for your family and friends back home as there are lots of stalls to choose from and the price here is cheap. Located on the 99 floor of Kingdom Tower, the third tallest skyscraper in Riyadh is a 56-meter sky bridge where you can have a panoramic view of the city. Whether you come to visit it during the day or night, both offer a spectacular view.

It’s better to go there in the morning or the late afternoon when the sun’s heat is still bearable.

The vast red dune Almost 90 km north of Riyadh hides this breathtaking rock formation.

For a quick weekend getaway, head to the Red Sand Dunes.

Rent an ATV, do some picnics or barbecue with the magnificent view of Tuwaiq Escarpment on the back drop.

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