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It will help you decide if your girlfriend has a more than a few screws loose. In any case, female psychology is screwed up anyway. “I didn’t see you there.” “Hey, Derek,” Wade responded. ” “Just out celebrating the end of the week,” I said. “Sorry I was gone so long, they were out of paper towels in the ladies room. “I’m Cherith.” “Hi, Cherith,” I said, shaking her hand. Glad to finally meet this girlfriend Wade’s told me so much about.” “Hey, Cheri,” Wade said, “Derek and I need to talk about some boring-ass work stuff for a second. ” “You bet, babe.” She smooched him on the cheek and sauntered off toward the bar. ” “Unless the aliens replaced her with some kind of pod person. “Looks like you tamed that wild mustang, alright.” “Not totally,” he said. “You tell me.” “Hey sweetie, I’m back,” Cherith said, sidling up beside us. You’re sure that’s the same girl we talked about last week?

How about later we can…” Cherith exploded like a furious geyser. “Cherith,” Wade tried again, “Please.” “After everything I’ve done for you, how can you say that your stupid lunch meeting is more important than me?

When it comes to crazy chicks, lots of guys go the emotional route.

In short, it’s an extremely effective form of Mind Control.

Whatever the situation, they’re willing to take things that extra mile.

But some women really go above and beyond their sex’s call of duty.

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