Dating parker pens

The Parker 51 was first introduced in 1941 and displaced the Vacumatic as Parker's top end pen.

For the first decade or two of its existence, the 51 was one of the world's most sought after luxury prestige pens; Parker advertised it as "The World's Most Wanted Pen." Parker marketing pushed the 51 in ads during World War II even though production could not meet demand, which only furthered the exclusive and desirable image they were trying to cultivate.

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The Parker 51 was undoubtedly the most copied pen of its time; China still produces faithful Parker 51 clones to this day.

The Vacumatic proved to be quite popular and many of the features, such as the visible ink supply, were imitated by other manufacturers.

Parker enthusiasts consider the Parker 51 to be the most significant pen that Parker has ever produced and arguably the most significant fountain pen of the 20th century.

Parker should be a familiar name to anyone who pays attention to pens; their Jotter ballpoints are everywhere, and they have a pretty good reputation in the higher end as well.

They were (and still are) one of the great fountain pen companies, and the arrow clip design should be instantly recognizable to anyone who pays attention to fine pens.

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