Dating oil paintings

You can find women reading, women sleeping, women working or women falling in love.We have paintings of women's backs in alluring nude portraits along with innocent portraits of women with children.Read more Painting is arguably the most saleable form of art.The contemporary painter’s palette consists not only of colors, but the range of historic painting styles. Just three months later, Christie’s New York announced the sale of Pablo Picasso’s “Les Femmes d'Alger (Women of Algiers)” of 1955 for 9.4 million – the highest priced painting ever sold at auction.Picture frames entered the realm of fine art collectibles in the 1990s."The antique frame has become so valuable that it can be separated from the painting it surrounds, or even the mirror, and it can be appreciated for its own independent aesthetic," said New York frame dealer Eli Wilner in the introduction to Antique American Frames Identification and Price Guide.reemanart operating as an investigative fine art consultancy specialising in art authentication procedures, undertake scientific investigations and the analysis and testing of fine art medium and grounds, involving a wide variety of practical forensic applications, in support We are called upon to conduct forensic inspections, diagnostics, pigment and fibre sampling for date range identification and Carbon 14 dating, alongside forensic imaging on-site, throughout the world in support of art authentication procedures and attribution and legitimacy issues, legal litigation and criminal investigations.Working from Forensic Laboratories in the UK, Europe and North America, we employ the finest scholars, forensic scientists and academics, all of whom are leading exponents in their respective fields.

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This is a logical & cost effective professional assessment and advisory for which there is a modest set fee.

Upgrade to one of our museum-quality frames to make an even bigger impression with your choice of artwork.

In addition, we offer select high-quality prints for an even more affordable upgrade to any space in your home.

METHODOLOGY: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________FORENSIC ART Investigation - Examination & Analysis of Fine Art | Pigment identification, Carbon dating, Optical microscopy, Authentication support, Spectrographic analysis | FREEMANART CONSULTANCY - Art Detectives and Investigators Forensic art examiners, Expert examination and analysis of fine art.

Pigment & materials identification technology, time line dating Radio carbon and microscopy. Forensic art analysis, art analysis, forensics, forensic examination, Art, forensic, analysis, art fraud investigations, art fraud, Optical Microscopy, Pigments, Spectrographic, Raman Analysis, Xray, X-ray diffraction, Ultra Violet, Infra Red Spectography, Forensic, forensic imaging, Radiocarbon dating, Carbon dating, Carbon-14, Lead white pigment, isotope dating.

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