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Andrew George, a professor of Babylonian at the University of London who was the one to decipher the inscription.However, a review of the historical context of this find, along with careful assessment of Dr.So the LORD dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city.

George identifying the ziggurat described on the tablet as the Tower of Babel from the Bible.

The show’s preview trailer trumpets the claims that, “This tablet provides the first ever image of the real Tower of Babel” and that it, “sensationally reveals exactly what the Tower of Babel looked like.” Many news sites have picked up on these claims and repeated them across the internet.

The claims expressed in the preview, flow from the views of Dr.

Therefore, if the history in the Bible is factual, Nebuchadnezzar could have nothing to do with constructing the biblical Tower of Babel.

In short, far from being proof for the reliability of the Bible, if the tower on this inscription built by Nebuchadnezzar really was the Bible’s Tower of Babel, the only thing it would establish is that the biblical account (in this case) is, in fact, a work of fiction and not real history.

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