Dating of mahabharata and ramayana

She will be seen following Vashishta due to the same directional rotation of the earth.

See this video So what Vyasa noticed was an optical illusion caused by change in the refractive index of the atmosphere, which in turn was caused by a catastrophic meteor hit which is what his observations are about.

The same is what our ancients had noticed which I showed in another article in another thread.

With axis falling in Aries- Libra, the motion goes upto 27 degrees to and fro. For the naked eye observer, Ursa Major does not undergo any change. To and fro oscillation for poles and Ursa Major does not cause change in position of Arundhati for an observer.

See the figure below where points B & D will be noticed at the same point in space.

After all within 6500 x 4 yrs shift, the background cosmos does not shift much for observer.

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