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But for the most part there have been no clashing issues, When and if they do arise we will deal with it appropriately, we have been very clear with the fact that if you don't say whats on your mind or troubling you it wont get dealt with.kistehsiadont try to tell him what to do only support him when he's made up his mind about somethin and do not argue wit him cos they hate intimidation.

We give you insider tip on how to marry a Nigeria girl and even tips on finding and dating a black chick from Naija – What you wouldn’t likely find anywhere else on the web.

I never knew she was Canadian and never asked her, she told me.

I couldn't cope with her feeling I only met her in order to have my papers.

(2) (3) (4) When Dating A Nigerian Man What Should An African American Woman Expect?

---The reasons behind which I'm opening this topic is, because I'm currently in college and dating a Nigerian man (Yoruba) for the first time.

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