Dating national resonator guitars

But, the Dopyera brothers formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company and originally made the resonator.

The first resonators came with square-neck lap steels to feed the Hawaiian music craze of the mid-1920’s.

This is the type you’ll often hear in bluegrass music.

However, you play a round-neck resonator like a regular guitar.

Like many dancehall and orchestra players, he struggled to help the audience hear his guitar over the brass section.

But unlike other players, Beauchamp decided to do something about it.

, you may have wondered what he used to create that unique sound.

However, a Dobro is a brand of resonator the Gibson Guitar Corporation currently owns.

This is the one you want if a bottle-neck slide is your thing.

It is also the more versatile because you can purchase a nut converter to raise the strings, allowing you to play it as a lap slide.

The first tri-cone guitars, with a Rickenbacker metal body, became available in 1927.

It is this guitar design Son House plays in his 1965 performance of It is one of the masterpieces of the Delta Blues genre.

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