Dating ministires

Type “teenagers” into Google, then spend 30 minutes browsing the links.

I did this the other day and was confronted (over and over) by one overriding reality—Gen Z teenagers are suffering from more depression, anxiety, and stress than ever before. I’m going to be honest and say I have not mastered what I’m about to share with you.

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These are conversations that help everyone, including me, know where we’re going, and why.…What’s your big dream for your youth ministry this year? Leadership guru Peter Drucker made the “T-shirt” challenge famous—his argument was that big goals should be so easy to understand that they fit on a T-shirt.…

In the past, our shortcut paths to deeper discipleship included…

• What Would Jesus Do—”Go beyond your identity as a church-attender and have the courage to live like Jesus.…

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