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I tried to cancel with the three day period and couldnt, because loopy love wouldnt send me a cancelation code.So I immediately sent messages to loopy love asking what was going on.Apparently there will be something written in their terms and conditions that we are agreeing to allow…Read Full Review From someone that doesn't write review, this is more a warning to folk.

They are still taking money from me, of course there is no phone number to contact them either…

I then sent them a message on their feedback form requesting that they cancel my rebilling and delete my account immediately. Read Full Review Written on: 19/06/2012 i want to cancel my member ship what i was supose to sign up to and im not ive had £50 taken out my account from loopylove and i never gave them my bank details its nothin but just a big con so i want my money back plus my bank details cancelled aswell ok im not very happy ive been robed sort it out THANK YOU.

The three day trial that cost 2.99 is actually a contractual agreement to enter into a subscription of 24.99, unless you cancel within you three day trial period.

Read Full Review I paid £2.97 for the 3 day trial, and within moments was bombarded with 7 messages from women aparrently wanting me to message them. I decided immediately to cancel my subscription, which was not made easy.

They say they will send a security code within an hour, but this never showed up.

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