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"He's breadcrumbing you," my friend insisted as we pored over the likes on my latest Instagram post, the most recent of which came courtesy of my ex. But that conversation with my friends a couple of years ago was enough to inspire a shift in mindset. Throughout my dating experiences in an age when social media has made us both more and less connected than ever, I've wondered whether the rise of our relevant terminology—ghosting and all the offshoots that have followed—is bad for us; whether it normalizes shitty behavior with pithy, meme-able terminology.

"Kendall isn't thinking too much about it," the source said.

" On any other occasion, I might have found this deep dive into the semantics of my misery wildly annoying, but in the wake of a breakup that had left me with more questions than answers, this latest reemergence was infuriating—and being able to classify this very specific brand of behavior felt something like a life raft.

I left our lunch feeling , and I realized it probably wasn't a coincidence.

Simmons is an NBA player for the '76ers, so he's based in Philadelphia during his basketball season and also travels for games.

Jenner is a model who frequently flies around the world for assignments; when she's not doing that, she's based on the other side of the country, in Los Angeles.

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