Dating in the first year of sobriety

In addition to working with a counselor and attending AA meetings, you may also have to work with other specialists, such as Ultimately, it’s your choice.Only you can decide if dating in early recovery is the right choice for yourself and your sobriety.You can get to know this person as a friend first or simply hold off on any romance while you establish your sobriety.If they truly care about you, this person will understand why you need to wait to start dating. can work, but it takes time to get to a point where you are truly ready to start dating again.recommend that you wait at least a year after getting sober before you start dating or enter a new relationship. , which is commonly regarded as the ultimate authority on AA matters.But is this a requirement to participate in AA or NA support groups? You do not have to “follow” the rule in order to attend AA meetings or participate in the organization.You may be There are other options for companionship available to you.Go to meetings, meet other people who are newly sober, try new hobbies, reconnect with old friends you’ve lost touch with, volunteer in your community — there are dozens of ways to connect with others and get the support you need that don’t involve romance at all.

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Not only that, but both relapse and accompanying mental health issues can also ripple outwards to affect your loved ones, co-workers, health professionals — virtually everyone around you and beyond. While starting a relationship or going on a date does not automatically mean that you will relapse, you are more vulnerable to it after you first get sober.Getting sober is about you, your health, and your needs.Early recovery is the time to focus on your own betterment.These kinds of relationships and activities can help you cope with the stress of early recovery while having a positive effect on yourself and others.If you do meet someone that you want to get to know better, take things slowly. By getting sober, you will have created a whole new life for yourself, and it will take time to fill it up.

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