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This chronology consequently, is variable and by no means all-inclusive." By repeating what we see in each photograph you will develop a sense of what to look for.

You will start to recognize what is the same and the differences of each decade as they overlap and drop off completely.

If you can't determine the physical properties it was made of then you have to try to scrutinize the clothes.

In all decades it was the custom to add elements of the current clothing trends of adults to children's clothes including the white gown on infants.

32: 39-44 (1995) explaining the publication, its printers, and the dating of each issue. Without further evidence of the actual date of distribution, it is taken here that the date of the meeting should suffice as the date of publication of this issue of the Proceedings. Editor states (in litt.) that this issue was printed in October; the receipt at the library at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, is the earliest that could be found for this issue. The age of boys wearing knee pants gradually increased in the late 1880.By 1900 even older teenagers, boys of 18 and 19 years of age were commonly wearing knee pants.1840 to 1850 would be a daguerreotype or ambrotype.This toddler has off the shoulder sleeves tied with bows and pleats and a full skirt.

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