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So many inside jokes and memories were born playing Mall Dare.In fact, my husband heard so many “Mall Dare stories” from me that he decided he wanted to try it out ourselves and this date night version of the game was born!We’ve even included a date night guide to make it that much easier.

If you're both adventurous eaters, you could try a restaurant with a tasting menu. One of the ways relationships help individuals grow is that we get introduced to our partner's interests and likes and adopt some of these as our own.

We’ve included eight individual dare cards that you can use any way you want. Take a peek at the included embarrassing dares below. We’ve also included a set of BLANK Mall Dare cards so you can create your very own death-defying dares. We know our readers LOVE family-friendly ideas just as much as dates, which is why this date has a hidden secret.

You can use a large majority of the dates with kids for a super funny family night like no other!

We’ve included a set of blank cards so you can make the embarrassing dares as tame or as wild as you want (more on this below! OR take this date one step further and turn it into a HILARIOUS group date!

The same invite can be used- just send it to all your couple friends instead. Next up, the bulk of this snazzy date idea: the dares!

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