Dating herpes online

He was the one-night stand that just never left my apartment and suddenly we were in a relationship.

And a few weeks into the relationship, I woke up with an outbreak of really gross sores and I was really upset and I did that like horrible Google search of like, “Oh my god, what is this? I had the first one which was terrible and lasted about a week and a half maybe or a week and I was on Valtrex. And then I had my second outbreak, I think two years later.

It was a tricky and vulnerable time, as I opened my heart to another person and face the unavoidable “conversation” about HSV.

It was a time for me to hide my true color, and continue maintaining my self-esteem via personal development.

I spent a week on MPWH to see what it is like to date with people with herpes, and it was amazingly encouraging.

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I decided to join MPWH for a week, and the experience was grateful.

On this week’s How did you start writing about herpes?

There was this really interesting debate happening in the erotica-writing community about whether or not it should be required to include condoms in sex scenes.

And then from friends and friends of friends and random people I went to college with who don’t even read erotica but had my blog forwarded to them and said, “Oh my god, I have herpes, too.” It changed my life in a weird way because suddenly I realized that so many people had this experience that I did, and it made me want to keep writing about it. But yeah, so I had this kind of reputation that I had fun owning.

It was kind of like I had opened Pandora’s box, and inside was a lot of really entertaining Facebook comments. And I wound up meeting somebody who I fell for really, really fast.

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