Dating guild guitars from serial numbers

Any mistakes in this page are mine, and some of the information is based solely on observations and therefore cannot be considered fact.

Compiling information in this way is kind of like writing the recipe for a cake by watching 50 other people bake a cake; the recipe will probably be good, but since you didn’t have access to the original 50 recipes, it might be a bit off here and there.

The Nightbird I is the “entry level” Nightbird with a carved spruce top, chrome hardware, and an unbound rosewood fretboard while the Nightbird II is the upscale model with high-level appointments like the original Nightbird (see next section).

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The pickups shown are Kent Armstrongs (EMGs always say EMG on them).They tend to be expensive, but the high quality, killer looks, and amazing playability makes them worth every penny if you can find one.By the way, take a careful look at the bridge and tailpiece on the example shown here.I’ve only ever seen Nightbird Is with BCxxxxxx serial numbers (including the data from the Nightbird Pages), but that only covers about 10 guitars so my data is by no means complete.The reason I bring this up is because if there are indeed two prefixes, then there would be 186 Nightbird Is out there and not 103.

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