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During some interviews of soldiers on why they raped local Kashmiri women, some responded that Kashmiri women were beautiful. In one case, a soldier replied that he raped a Kashmiri woman out of revenge because "their men did exactly the same to the women of his community''.A study in 2005 by Médecins Sans Frontières concluded that the rate of sexual violence against Kashmiri women was one of the highest among the world's conflict zones, with 11.6% of respondents, out of a total 510 people in their survey, reporting personal experience of sexual abuse.

The conservative nature of Kashmiri society means that males are reputed by their communities as having failed in protecting the purity of their women if they have been sexually assaulted.

Girls who have not been raped, but are related to rape victims, are also stigmatized by society.

Rape victims have also reported experiencing taunts from boys.

The study also found that in comparison to many other regions experiencing conflict, such as Chechnya, Sierra Lone and Sri Lanka, the number of witnesses to rape in Kashmir was far greater.

13% of respondents in the study stated that they had witnessed a rape after 1989, while the proportion of those who had heard about a rape since 1989 figured at 63%.

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