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I was contemplating internet dating when my research on the subject inspired me to create this story and the characters. Is it love or the excitement of the taboo or a perversion or loneliness or good old fashion need for sex or simply opportunity? My sister slammed her fist down on my leg underneath the table. Just don't tell me I have to date anymore," I laughed. I could have had a ton of guys that would have married me. Please forgive any spelling or other grammatical errors, I'm not good at editing my porn writing. Would you fuck your gorgeous sister if you had the chance? Wreck you just when you think things are going well. To her patients and their families she was kind and caring. To everyone who wasn't a child, sick child or parents of a sick child, and maybe a few fellow nurses, she treated like garbage. My sister reached and grabbed a fork and playfully pointed it at me. You were right about living with him." My hand stopped and I patted her leg gently and then placed my hand on her knee.

, a popular '70s TV game show in which recently married couples tried to predict how their spouses would answer personal questions, host Bob Eubanks asked a female contestant how her husband would respond to the following: At one point Eubanks even offered ,000 to anyone who could prove that the incident took place.

"Yes, but a relationship is different," Maggie whined about the hardship of a gorgeous women.

If I want sex, I have to go out there and work for it," I replied.

So when I told her if you want to get married do not live with the guy... When I told her 2 then 3 and then 4 years were way too long to live with someone without a ring. So much so that I'm still single in my 30s because I was having way too good of a time.

But I've learned that's the kind of guy high quality women go for. Don't get me wrong, I've take advantage of this flaw in woman many times. I'm a good talker so I've talked my way into women's panties many times. This time my fingers and most of my hand were on my sister's inner thigh.

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