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Jaeger also had the highly skilled investor/glassmen from Cumberland, Maryland.Among these men were George Trough, August Boehler, Leopold Sigwart, and Edward and Joseph Kammerer.Otto Jaeger became president, while Edward Kammerer was Vice President and general manager. Thus, the company's leaders and shareholders consisted of glassworkers instead of bankers or wealthy businessmen.

Otto Jaeger assembled an experienced and highly skilled workforce for the Seneca Glass Company.During 1891, it became known that the Fostoria Glass Company planned to move away from Fostoria.The Black Forest glassmakers held a meeting on August 10, and formed a company to buy the soon-to-be vacated Fostoria glass works.Wheeling was also connected to the eastern United States by the National Road, and by the end of the 1840s major cities in Ohio were also connected.By the 1850s, railroads added to the area's transportation superiority.

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