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There are too many voices, and they have similar ideas. Sanders, whose selling point is that he remains consistently on message, will need to be more nimble.“What I’m watching for is whether there is any one candidate who captures the divide in the Democratic Party between the coastal liberals and the labor liberals from the Midwest,” said Caufield, a professor of political science at Drake University in Iowa. Michael Bennet; former Vice President Joe Biden; Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind.; New York Sen. In 2016 he was usually the only one on stage with Hillary Clinton, and the only one advocating Medicare for all and free public college tuition. “Now he’s a front-runner and he’s going to have to answer for a lot of his plans,” said Elaine Kamarck, author of “Primary Politics: Everything You Need to Know About How America Nominates Its Presidential Candidates.” If Medicare for all is passed, said Kamarck,“how does he explain taking away people’s private health insurance?When Biden debated 2012 GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, 26 years his junior, Ryan “looked like a kid in trouble with Dad for stealing the car.” Buttigieg’s “challenge is not to melt away on a debate stage,” Caufield said. But that’s hard to do when there’s so many people vying for attention.We haven’t seen him in a position where he has to assert himself among many much more experienced political voices.” Plus, Buttigieg is dealing with his first major challenge of the campaign — his handling of the controversy around a white police officer fatally shooting a black man in South Bend. It’s very likely, given that the former Colorado governor previewed his attack earlier this month at the California Democratic Party convention when he said “socialism is not the answer” — and was booed by the Sanders-friendly delegates.

If there’s a candidate who can do it naturally and with a coherent message, that person will stand out.” The first 10 candidates tussle Wednesday, when Massachusetts Sen. ” Does Harris go into full prosecutor mode to revive her campaign?That’s the tried-and-true tactic for people who have fallen way behind.“But really, what is (New York Mayor) Bill de Blasio doing in this race anyways? The thing to remember about a debate involving 10 presidential candidates is that it isn’t a debate.It is better to think of the back-to-back Democratic presidential debates Wednesday and Thursday as speed dating, where there’s only a fleeting moment to make a good impression.

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