Dating fiestaware marks

If you have any questions contact Happy Heidi The Dancing Lady logo, FIESTA, the FIESTA script logo, HLC, THE HOMER LAUGHLIN CHINA COMPANY and the Fleur D' Lis logo are registered trademarks of The Homer Laughlin China Company.The HLC logo and HOMER LAUGHLIN are company trademarks.Red will always bring a premium price, as it did at the time of production.The uranium used in the glaze made it more expensive to produce, top that with the halting of red's production during WWII - it just makes red harder to find and thus more valuable.

Last updated 1/2015 Nesting bowls and regular plates will show the most wear and in truely excellent condition could see a price increase by 25%.The constant evolution of colors makes the brand appealing to a broad and widely varied audience, including not only Fiesta enthusiasts who have been supportive of the brand for generations, but also new fashion forward consumers who are looking to incorporate color and personality into their dining experiences.Today, Fiesta® Dinnerware is one of the leading dinnerware collections in casual tabletop, as well as a consistent leader in bridal registries.Also add 25% for nesting bowls that have rings on the inside bottom and for very early discontinued pieces, such as the 12" divided plate, the onion soup bowl and cake plate.Increase up to 25% for early variaitons (such as dry foot on a utility tray or flat bottom cups).

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