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Journal of the Siege of Forfc Niagara— Rout of a Relief Force- The Surrender 74-77 CHAPTER XI. John Verazzani, a Florentine in the service of Francis I. The Rebailding of Fort Niagara— It is Besieged by the English and Iroquois 7 1_74 CHAPTER X. P., Lockport f'dlowinsj 221 Wilson, S., Ne«following 2S(i Wil3on, Mi-a. The frozen regions at the north compelled him to change his course, and sailing toward the south he visited vari- ous points along the coast as far as Albemarle sound, taking possession of the whole region for the crown of England. The Record of the 2Sd Battery and Ist Regiment of Light Artillei y 136-HO CHAPTER XXXIII. The fur trade proving successful, Christiansen was appointed agent of the traffic, and Manhattan Island made the chief depot. Niagara County in the Civil War— The 28th, 49th, 100th and 102nd In- fantry 131-136 CHAPTER XXXII. In 161 2 two more vessels were fitted out by Hendrick Christiansen and Adrian Block, which were soon followed by others. The Projection of the Erie Canal— Its Advocates and its Construction- La Fayette's Tour 10;-111 CHAPTER XXIV. E., Lockport following 216 r.iyiie, Levvis S., Tonawanda procedintj 379 Piiyne, Lewis T , Tonaw.iiida preceding 379 I'ease, A , Somerset preceding 371 Pease, Mi-s. C, Lockport following 17-1 Sanborn, L, It-, Sanborn P. Ilartland following 246 Sherwood, Mrc Klon, N, Hariland folios ing 24li Smith, S. Descending into the bay he immediately sailed for Europe. Successive Boundaries of Niagara County and its Subdivisions- Officers and Representatives 10.^-107 CHAPTER XXm. It is supposed that they went a little above Albany. When a little below the Highlands, the Indians made several attempts to attack his crew, who, in repulsing their attacks, shot ten or twelve of their num- ber.

We have drawn freely from that great historic fount, the Docu- ments Relating to the Colonial History of New York, often reproducing their quaint spelling and phraseology, the more perfectly to retain the flavor of the times in which they were written. Government Light-houae— Statistics— Religious History— Brief Biographies 362-372 THE TOWN OF WHEATFIELD. A., Fruit Farm, Hartliind followiny 244 Brigham, P. B , Farm Rc Bidence, Hartland following 236 Henning, John, Farm Residence, Newfane following 284 Hildreth, G. J., Residence, Mitldleport following 3ii0 Hnag, Thomas, Residence, Somerset following 364 Hodge Opera House preceding 211 Holmes, D,, Residence, Wilson following 394 Holmes, R. W., Farm Residence, Wilson preceding 397 Mc Arthur, J., Residence, Newfane following 280 Mc Neil, Hon. D,, Store, Lockport pi deeding 137 Mann, O- E., Residence and Fruit Farm, Somerset following 370 Mead, H. Their number was shortly after augmented by other ac- cessions, and colonization fairly commenced.The history of so limited a territory as a county in New York has its roots not only in remote times but in distant lands, and can not be justly written without going far beyond the county limits for some of its most essential facts. The Village in 1810 -The Early Settlers— Samuel De Veaux, the First Merchant— Accessions fi'om 1821 to 1833— General Peter B. Porter— Business and Improvements — The Car- rying Business— Further Business Progress- The Upa and Downs ot 1836- The Hydraulic Canal— Mails, Stages, Railroads and Ex- presses— 'Ihe Press of Niagara Falls— Schools— The Fire Depart- ment — Incoi-poraiion and Civil History— Oakwood Cemetery- Churches of Niagara Falls— Business Corporations— Fraternities and Social Organizations — Improvements About the Falls— Acci- ' dents and Incidents— Well Known Residents of Niagara Falls, La Salle and Vicinity •- 300-318 THE VILLAGE OF SUSPENSION BRIDGE. subject to the approval of the States; to colonize the ter- ritory and administer justice.Nor can such a county history be imderstood in its due rela- tion without a historical review of at least the State in which the county is a part ; hence we feel that in giving such an outline we have been more faithful to the main purpose of the work, while we have added an element of independent interest and value. Initial Events— The International Suspension Bridge Company— Busi- ness Growth and Improvements— A Great Railway Center-Tlie Custom-House and Other Buildings— Incorporation and Civil His- tory-Waterworks and Fire Companies-The Press of Suspension Bridge-Education-Societies-Prominent Inhabitants of Suspen- sion Bridge ™-'2s TABLE OF CONTENTS. Settlement— Extracts from the Town Records— The German Inhabi- tants—The Enlargement of the Cu Dnl — Pendleton Village — Churches- Lending Citizens of Pendleton 329-331 THE TOWN OF POETEU. The executive manage- ment was intrusted to a board of directors, distributed through five separate chambers in the cities of Holland. Park Baker, Ira Race, David Burge, Peter Tower, Samuel Chubbuck, B. Davis and Thomas Brighton, of Porter; Captain Luther Wilson, Mrs. Indian Trails in Niagara County— The Portage, Military, Ridge and Lake Roads 83-86 CHAPTER XV. Henry Hudson, an English navigator, having failed in two expeditions to discover a passage to the East Indies, for a company of London merchants, by sailing west- ward, offered his services in i6og to the Dutch East India Company of Holland, which was formed the pre- ceding year for traffic and colonization. Fort Niagara During the Revolution— Its Surrender by the British— The Tuacftror'is 81-83 CHAPTER XIV. He proceeded north as far as Labrador, giving to the whole country the name of New France, which was afterward confined to Canada.

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