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She knew exactly who I was, it felt good to know he had been talking about me.

The longer the amount of time you date, the more formal the meeting becomes.

No matter the difficulty or ease underlying your travel plans, the meeting itself means the same basic thing: “I’m an important part of your daughter’s life and I want to be part of your life as well.” In fact, falling into the trap of meeting your girlfriend’s parents early on in your relationship due to logistical convenience carries with it many unexpected side effects.

The earlier you meet your girlfriend’s parents, the sooner you begin to develop the depth of your relationship, and the faster you commit to your girlfriend’s parents, the faster you will commit to her in a serious way.

You can also choose to do a background check on someone before meeting them. If he is really polite then your parents might change there minds.

Make sure to talk with your parents before the dinner and ask them to be open minded.

It wasn't until Meet the Fockers that we were introduced to Bernie and Rozalin Focker.

They were played by Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand.

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In other words — do not take meeting your girlfriend’s parents lightly.

Does your husband hang out with you and doesn't keep you lonely? if he asks you to marry him and meet his parents, relatives, and friends before you want him to meet your parents, relatives, and friends.

In Meet the Parents we never got to meet Greg Fockers parents.

He will be meeting my dad at Thanksgiving dinner(my aunt invites strangers off the street to come, we are a very family family at holidays.) I don't know how it will be when he meets my mother.

Als O** the closer someone is to their family, the sooner they should be introducing them to their significant other, if that makes sense.

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