Dating divas makeup tutorial rubber band theory of dating

So, just for fun, we created this video to show you how the same lipstick looks completely different on our fabulous guests.

In this video we are all wearing a light coral color Armani Rouge D’Armani Sheer Lipstick.

In other words, you will totally be able to connect with her as she passes along beauty tips in a way that we can ALL understand. She and her darling little family recently moved to Vegas, yeppers, MY current stomping grounds!! We’ve hung out a few times, our husbands have been golfing a bunch together, and I am SO excited to tell all of you that we will be partnering up to do a fun series with Maskcara this coming summer!

I about died when I found out her hubs was a golfer.. OH – and I should mention that she recently won the title of “Allure Blogger of the Year“!

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There are SO many aspects when it comes to working on your marriage, and today, ladies – this one is for YOU!! We are going to help you look and feel your very best, not only for date night, but EVERY day! I’d tried plenty of different brands and types of makeup… I read that entire post & then spend quite a while exploring this fantastic website called…This website is run by a gorgeous gal named Cara.

You know how the light always seems to hit the faces of celebrities just right? I learned a lot of great tips from my extremely talented friend, Alyssa, which helped get me started… Can you believe this is the same gal, same day, UNEDITED??

and then I felt I had attended a “Makeup 101” class after THIS video! I think most of us are all about covering our faces – covering up those blemishes, scars, freckles, or whatever it is that we don’t like. This fab tutorial teaches you how to put the color on your face in ALL the right places. I love that Cara shows off common beauty blunders.. The image on the left is the perfect example of what women do when they slather one color of foundation all over their faces.

The Charcoal Smokes are perfect for a dramatic nighttime look and the Natural Smokes are great for a subtle daytime look.

Your first step is to take a light shimmer color and apply that to the inner corners of your eye right beside your nose.

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